Erica: I think we need to be here, I don't like to be on a cave

Julie: Dadada!

Erica: Wha...wha... Wait! we are.... THREE CYBORGS!!

Julie and Roxie: YEAH RIGHT!

(Song starts)

Erica: There was a magical land, but not always with Cats, And Dogs, Wolves, Foxes and others.... Because.. Some... Of.... Them.... Are.... HALF METAL!

Julie and Roxie: YEAH!

Three Cyborgs: OH OH YEAH YEAH YEAH! We are three girls, three cyborgs...

Test: (peeks up from the bush) Hehehe....

Three Cyborgs: (scream and run away from Test)


Erica: The Evil Scientist is here...

Julie: (talking) What ya mean?

Erica: Nothing....

Roxie: NOW YEAH!!!

Three Cyborgs: NOW WE WILL HAVE A GREAT ADVENTURE! Because we are... THREE... CYBORGS!!!!

Test: Oh shut up girls.

Three Cyborgs: O_O

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