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Animation Ideas and Writing

Since we can't decide who should animate it, the animation styles can be different in each episode! :P
Who likes my idea?
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Message from a Wikia contributor

Luna: Roxie so how are you ?
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Luna : can you make pics for the new pages I added

Luna : can you make pics for the new pages I added
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New tabs

I have changed some tabs to make it more "Power Animals" like, and it has some Warrior refrences:

Admins are Warriors
B-crats are Deputy
Rollbacks are Kits
The Founder (me) is Pack Leader.
Chat Mods are Apprentices
Blocked users are called Traitors 
Also, new rule, new users must be Chat mods first, until they can be trusted with adminship.
If something goes wrong, we make a block thread and remove there adminship until they're trusted again.
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Any questions?

If you have any questions about the series, characters, wiki, etc. Then ask here, but sorry, no spoilers.
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Votes and Nopes

Votes and Nopes are voting blogs to vote who going to be your new "main" character. The loser will be an apperance character. If you like this idea, say it in the comments.
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